Riccardo Maggiore's exclusive products are pH balanced and protect, volumize, condition and tame your hair with botanical extracts.

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Designed for frequent use, this gentle purifying shampoo contains natural botanical extracts of aloe vera, chamomile, cherry bark, natural henna and calendula. Panthenol and whole wheat protein help restore and maintain hair's natural beauty and volume.

Carezza Shampoo is pH-balanced and will free hair of natural build-up without stripping its inherent natural moisture.

$10   (2 Oz.)     |     $22      (8 fl. Oz.)


Carezza Conditioner

This is a light, adjustable conditioner that restores moisture and adds strength to all types of hair.

It smoothes and seals the hair's cuticle layer, locking in nutrients and proteins vital for healthy hair. It rinses away easily with no build-up, is pH-balanced, and contains special conditioning extracts to improve hair texture and suppleness.

$10       (2 Oz.)     |     $22      (8 fl. Oz.)


Rinnova Texturizer

This unique leave-in treatment adds shine, volume, and re-texturizes hair. Infused with aloe vera, honey, lecithin (soybean), spirulina, and vitamins A, D, and E, this texturizer also contains botanicals, whole wheat proteins, and sunscreens to protect hair from UVA/UVB damage.

Rinnova leaves hair soft, tangle-free, and ready for styling, while protecting hair from breakage and promoting a healthy radiance.

$10     (2 fl. Oz.)      |     $20     (8 fl. Oz.)

Rinnova - Riccardo Maggiore

Fortezza Hair Spray

This fast-drying hair spray is perfect for any hair type. Fortezza Hair Spray holds style all day long while allowing hair the freedom of movement for brushing or restyling.

Containing botanical extracts for shine and Panthenol for moisture and static control, this spray resists the negative effects of humidity.

$10 (2 fl. Oz.)     |     $22 (8 fl. Oz.)


Luminoso Anti-Frizz Drops

Luminoso is an award winning glossy finishing product that helps to smooth and seal the hair cuticle, offering a radiant luster while eliminating the frizzies and static electricity.

These luminizing anti-frizz drops combine beautifully with gels and do not leave hair greasy or sticky.

$20     (8 fl. Oz.)


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