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Salon Ishi Team Joins Riccardo Maggiore Salon Midtown

Riccardo Maggiore Salon Midtown recently welcomed the team from Salon Ishi which closed after 27 years of providing top quality expertise and service to discerning clientele. Clients have included celebrities, athletes, musicians and numerous members of both American Ballet Theatre and City Ballet.

Ishi’s philosophy, while seemingly simple, represents a fundamental shift within the world of beauty: to create a haven where clients and staff can find happiness and joy.

Similar ideologies and the relaxed but luxurious environment have allowed the Salon Ishi team to fit in easily at Riccardo Maggiore Midtown Salon. They continue to offer expert hair styling for men and women, state-of-the-art hair treatments, as well as a wealth of pampering options to soothe and relax frazzled nerves.  


The Salon Ishi team includes hair stylists, colorists and manicurist: Ishi, Takako, Koji, Susan, Julieta, Ali, Idalia, and DeeDee. Ishi’s partner Takako incorporates Shiatsu shampoo and massage into her treatments and services. She starts with the scalp and works down through the neck and shoulders. Takako also uses sound machines and aromatherapy to create an environment of Zen, helping clients relax and relieve tension.


Ishi carefully chooses products and tools to preserve and improve the condition of the hair whether it is minus ion water or a special flatiron that redistributes the hair’s natural moisture.  He considers lifestyle, hair texture, and face shape as the parameters for what will make someone their most beautiful.

Of paramount importance for Ishi is to emphasize the most important beauty secret: ”enabling a person to feel good about themselves.”

For appointments, call our Midtown location at  212-586-6482 or request an appointment online.