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Spring Hair Forecast From The Riccardo Maggiore Salon

by Lori MacGregor & Lauren Rodolitz/Behrman Communications


This Spring be Flat-out Voluptous.  More people are waving good-bye to pin-straight hairRiccardo Maggiore and experts from the Riccardo Maggiore Salon in Manhattan predict that this Spring/Summer, hair will be more textured and voluminous than seasons past with contrasting tones to add depth.  

“Femininity is back in a big way,” says Salon owner, stylist and colorist Riccardo Maggiore. “The look now is multidimensional, more voluptuous, and more styled.  Hairstyles will have longer and softer curls and color that is deeper and warmer with subtle highlights and lowlights.“

STYLE: "Hair is no longer just straight or flat.  Hair this season is more styled and shaped with more movement and texture.  Whether hair is long or short, it is no longer shaggy.  Layers are longer and softer and have curves that move away from the face.  Instead of using a flat iron or blowing hair towards the face, use the dryer and brush to move hair away from the face.  Women with natural curls should enjoy them."

COLOR:  "Color this season is earthy, richer, deeper and warmer.  The look we want is multidimensional.  We will see highlights or lowlights one or two different from the base color, just enough to create some contrast.  They are subtle, not drastic, defined but not chunky."  

Forecasted color combinations:

  • Brunette tones - chestnut, honey and caramel

  • Blond tones - more golden, no longer platinum

  • Red tones - more chestnut or strawberry blond highlights.