Hair and makeup by Riccardo Maggiore Salons

Hair and makeup by Riccardo Maggiore Salons

Today is Valentines’ Day and it’s a good time to remember to show your hair some love.

ASSESS - Take a moment to think about how your hair and styling routine fits with your lifestyle. Is your color bringing out the best in your complexion? Does your cut complement your face shape? Are you using the right styling products and tools? We offer complimentary consultations where our expert assess all this and more.

TREAT - If your hair is chemically processed or heat styled, regular salon conditioning treatments are essential. But treatments can also strengthen hair, restore elasticity and shine, and help detangle and prevent split ends, making them an important part of any hair care routine. We offer a range of hair and scalp treatments including Kérastase, Milbon and Olaplex and will customize treatments based on your individual needs.

MAINTAIN - Make your hair a priority.  Schedule cuts every 4-6 weeks even if you’re growing out your hair. Trimming your ends will prevent damage from traveling up the hair shaft.  If your hair is color treated, be sure to use a shampoo that will protect the integrity of the color. Ask your stylists about the best products to use between salon visits.

Your hair is a lifelong relationship, so nurture it well.

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