Hannah Carlson, Entrepreneur and Founder of Fifthbull Creative Production Agency recently visited our Midtown salon and captured her appointment on video. Her hair was cut by owner Riccardo Maggiore with styling help from Mario and makeup by Jay. Ms. Carlson enjoyed the “amazing experience” created by the Riccardo Maggiore team and called Riccardo “The most creative hairstylist I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with!”

So how did Riccardo Maggiore achieve Hannah’s look? “Hannah’s hair was very long so I first cut it to a length that was better suited to her face,” Maggiore explained.  “Then I added layers to her hair to better emphasize the look of soft wavy curls.”

Riccardo used Kérastase L'incroyable Blowdry Hair Lotion after towel drying Hannah’s hair. After blow drying with a round brush, he set the hair with rollers. Once the hair was out of rollers, Riccardo worked a non-sticky styling paste through the hair to give it extra density.

Now all Hannah’s hair was missing was that extra shine. Riccardo used Luminoso Drops from his signature product line to smooth and seal the cuticles and add a beautiful luster. Riccardo recommends this product for all hair types, “especially those wishing to restore softness and shine to dull and lifeless hair.”

Finally, Riccardo used with a finishing spray to give hold without stiffness.

And the results? Simply gorgeous. But of course, Ms. Carlson reminds us that “Great hair doesn’t happen by chance. It happens by appointment.”

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