Brows, bikini areas, underarms...  These are just a few places you might find more hair than you'd prefer.  You could pluck, tweeze or shave but waxing will look more polished and keep you smooth much longer.

For both routine waxers and first timers, waxing is rarely, if ever, an enjoyable experience.  Personally, we think the few seconds of discomfort are worth the satisfyingly smooth result, but to make things a little easier we’ve got a few pre- and post-waxing tips to relieve any worries and keep your skin in perfect condition. Before you come in for services, here’s what you should keep in mind regarding waxing.

Keep your appointments regular. Waxing on a schedule helps because waxing either too early or too late makes your hair more susceptible to breaking under service. Allow at least 3 weeks between waxing sessions to allow your hair to grow to the optimum length. If you’re tempted to tweeze those pesky ingrown hairs or trim between appointments – don’t! The best thing to do is exfoliate the area to-be-waxed.

On the day of your waxing appointment, do not use any oil or lotion on the skin. If you want, you can also take a mild painkiller before your appointment to relieve any potential irritation.

Waxing causes skin inflammation in most people, so once you’ve survived the ordeal, you’ll want to be diligent with your aftercare. Focus on treating your skin well to avoid unwanted bumps or ingrown hairs. Use an antibacterial wash to help clear the area of bacteria – tea tree oil is a great option. Keep your waxed bits exfoliated, smooth, and away from the sun! Your skin is sensitive after a wax so just take it easy and be kind – we love a post-wax Netflix binge.


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