While warmer months have a few obvious beauty benefits (hello, summer skin!), heat can be horrible for your hair.  Sun, chlorine, and salt water will take a toll on your strands. From protecting your color to maintaining moisture, one of the most frustrating dilemmas is frizz.  We aren’t here to stigmatize the summer sizzle – if you love your frizz, keep it – but if you want a sleek look, here’s how we fight the good fight.
Begin by using a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner.  If you have curly or coarse hair, shampoo every other day with a moisturizing formula.  For those with fine hair and who may be skeptical about using moisturizing products on your tresses, Riccardo Maggiore's Carezza Shampoo is designed for frequent use.  It won’t strip your hair of its natural moisture, and our Carezza Conditioner rinses away easily with no build-up.


If you’re still seeing frizz and not one to sit around long enough to do a hair mask, our Luminoso Anti-Frizz Drops are a great alternative. These drops seal the hair cuticles, offering a radiant shine while eliminating frizz and static electricity.  Plus, they combine beautifully with gels without leaving hair greasy or sticky.  Massage a few drops through your ends before reaching for your blow dryer. After drying, your hair will feel fabulous! 



Carezza Shampoo, Carezza Conditioner and Luminoso Drops available at both Flatiron and Midtown Locations!