Today marks the Summer Solstice, the official First Day of Summer. When the weather is perfect outside, the last thing you want to do is waste time indoors getting your hair just right. While it’s tempting to pull your hair back in a ponytail or throw on a hat, we have some summer styling tips to save you time without sacrificing style.


Sea salt spray needs to be on your shelf. Unlike most styling products that weigh hair down and create a heavy, slick look, the goal of sea salt spray is to work with the hair’s natural texture. A good one adds volume, hold, and texture to flat hair without leaving a visible residue. One of our favorites is Kérastase’s Spray à Porter.  It has micronized polymers for flexible movement and shape memory as well as antioxidants and UV protection.


If you’re completely new to sea salt spray, here’s how it works: the salt binds individual strands of hair together for added texture. The product will give you matte hair that moves without feeling greasy to the touch. These sprays work best in medium to long hair and are super effective as a pre-styling agent. If you want a product to “freeze” your hair in place, sea salt spray is not for you but if you want to get back to a natural look with a bit of control (think beach waves), then look no further. 

How do you use sea salt spray? Start with freshly washed hair, pat dry, then apply the product to your hair and work completely into your hair using your hands. Grab your hair dryer – the goal here isn’t to just dry your hair, but lock in your particular style. Start at the root of your hair and blow in the direction of your chosen flow. We love drying the hair backwards, pushed back, but this product works for any style! While you dry, keep running your fingers through the hair to keep the process even.  

If you’re air drying, apply the sea salt spray and scrunch the hair with your fingers for a few minutes. When your hair is dry and styled, you’re ready to go. Pro tip: less is definitely more. Use a pea sized amount of your styling product and focus on the roots of the hair. Too much product here will weigh hair down and remove the volume we’ve so effortlessly achieved.

That’s it! You’re done. Now go enjoy a natural, textured look that will last all day.