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Hey guys, need a little grooming advice? Well, this post is just for you.

Men’s cuts continue to be cropped short on the sides and with more length on top and variations in fade and texture.  We’re seeing everything from short and spiky to a longer quiff, styled back or combed over.  Whatever your style, you'll need some product to achieve texture.

As we mentioned in our spring blog, summer is the time to switch from gel to a clay based hair product. One of our favorites is Oribe’s Rough Luxury Soft Molding Paste.  Ultra-pliable, it slips easily through hair for texture, definition and shine and works with both short cuts and long layers.  Plus it has UV protection for the summer months.


Okay, your hair is looking great, but what about your skin? Facials are a terrific way to maintain your skin at its best. Yes, they are incredibly relaxing and you will feel pampered, but you’ll also be doing some hardcore skincare work. 

Your skin suffers daily from air pollution, grit, and dirt, all of which get into your pores and attack skin cells. The overall result can leave your skin looking dull with large, black pores and a visible increase in age.

A facial is a non-surgical way of renewing your skin; think of it as a factory reset for your face. The treatment is designed to remove the dirt and debris inside your pores, and provide your skin the nourishment it needs. Whether your skin is oily, suffering from dryness or a combination, the right facial can re-balance those skin conditions. You’ll leave with younger and healthier looking skin.

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In addition to facials, our Flatiron team of estheticians specialize in men’s waxing, so it’s a one stop shop if hair removal is part of your lifestyle.

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