From unicorn hair to a perfectly executed stencil, we’ve seen hairstyles go to extremes recently. However, the rose gold look is a trend we can get behind and our clients are just as excited as we are!

Rose gold is the perfect hair trend as you can go as light or dark as you please. It caters to each individual, functioning as a universal color through which one can play with the textures & warmth.

Clients with varied hair types all ask for a different take on this gorgeous look. Most are enthused about undergoing a transformation but they don’t want to deal with maintenance or believe the look might not suit their lifestyle. What they don’t know is that there is a perfect rose gold for every hair type. Rather than experiencing a drastic transformation some will ask hairstylists to tweak their hair with slight tints of blonde and pink to make their own rose gold hair flair.



Owner Riccardo Maggiore: “Rose gold is a look that can be personalized according to your skin tone and natural shade of hair. Adjusting size of the sections and the style of application you can achieve the look you want whether it is bold or subtle.”



Welcome to the Rose Gold Series, a sequence of blog entries which will explore this prominent color trend in depth. First on the list…blonde hair! In the next post we’ll be exploring some of the most popular blonde variations; Subtle & Fresh (for all you Platinums out there), Strawberry Rose and Mermaid Flair. We’ll also be asking our team of experts how to achieve these fabulous looks. Stay tuned!