The rarest of all hair colors, redheads already know a thing or two about standing out. Adding Rose Gold to this already unique look can be a truly head turning transformation. Riccardo Maggiore Color Expert and "Redhead Guru" at both Flatiron and Midtown locations Marcus Garcia states, “Of all the shades, redheads are the most stunning and you can’t help but look at them." He says, "Rose gold is a great color option for redheads who want a change while keeping their hair red."  
As Rose Gold already falls on the spectrum of red hair, it will take less effort to achieve this look for redheads.  Riccardo Maggiore Color Expert Nancy Schreiber says she "Would still balayage or highlight on a redhead but there is less lifting in the process."  
The result can be downright dazzling as in this glamorous Ginger Peach color.
Photo Credit: Instagram

Photo Credit: Instagram

Garcia also says that "Fair skinned or 'peaches and cream' complexions usually make the best redheads."  Natural redheads will also find they have a complexion perfectly suited for a rose gold look.  Tints of metallic pink can diffuse seamlessly into a fiery hair color.  Metallic Rose can be a beautifully subtle look that even celebrities like Emma Roberts can’t resist.
RG - Ginger Rose -  02.png

And speaking of celebrities - our final blog next week will celebrate some of the music, film, and fashion icons who have embraced the Rose Gold hair color trend.  Plus, some tips on products to maintain your Rose Gold look.  Don’t miss it!