Midtown Stylists featured in Hollywood Reporter Article

Hollywood Reporter Recently Profiled NY and LA beauty professionals trusted by entertainment executives for red carpet looks and “boardroom worthy blowouts.” Featured on the list were colorist and stylist Christina Liberatore and stylist Ishi, both of Riccardo Maggiore Salon Midtown.

Christina Liberatore

Client: Former HBO VP Janet Schwartz

Though layers are of-the-moment, in the wrong hands they can be disastrous says the stylist, who works out of one of NYC's Riccardo Maggiore salons. "Layers add a natural tousle and volume, but a lot of people layer toward the bottom, and that can make hair very stringy,'' she says. "I layer toward the top to give more height and fullness.'' Schwartz, who recently headed promotion, planning and scheduling for HBO, says Liberatore gives her hair a boost for big occasions: “She gave me a classic bob with highlights, and when I attended the Emmys I wanted to look special walking in, so she hit my classic bob with a glaze that reflected the light and made it extremely shiny."

Ishi Ishikaya

Clients: Zoe Saldana, Carey Mulligan

“Hair is a bit shorter this year in general,’’ explains Eisaburo “Ishi" Ishikaya, who closed his own salon this summer and now works within Riccardo Maggiore in midtown. “I have given some executives a bob, where I give actresses more layers because they need to be versatile and able to wear their hair in different styles." Ishikaya is famed for artistic cuts and sleek blowouts done with a $500 Lumina drier that locks moisture in. Aside from his thespian clients, he also cares for the tresses of many Lincoln Center executives and performers, including Mick Jagger’s girlfriend Melanie Hamrick. “Ballerinas don’t let you cut their hair at all," he sighs.

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Salon Ishi Team Joins Riccardo Maggiore Salon Midtown

Riccardo Maggiore Salon Midtown recently welcomed the team from Salon Ishi which closed after 27 years of providing top quality expertise and service to discerning clientele. Clients have included celebrities, athletes, musicians and numerous members of both American Ballet Theatre and City Ballet.

Ishi’s philosophy, while seemingly simple, represents a fundamental shift within the world of beauty: to create a haven where clients and staff can find happiness and joy.

Similar ideologies and the relaxed but luxurious environment have allowed the Salon Ishi team to fit in easily at Riccardo Maggiore Midtown Salon. They continue to offer expert hair styling for men and women, state-of-the-art hair treatments, as well as a wealth of pampering options to soothe and relax frazzled nerves.  


The Salon Ishi team includes hair stylists, colorists and manicurist: Ishi, Takako, Koji, Susan, Julieta, Ali, Idalia, and DeeDee. Ishi’s partner Takako incorporates Shiatsu shampoo and massage into her treatments and services. She starts with the scalp and works down through the neck and shoulders. Takako also uses sound machines and aromatherapy to create an environment of Zen, helping clients relax and relieve tension.


Ishi carefully chooses products and tools to preserve and improve the condition of the hair whether it is minus ion water or a special flatiron that redistributes the hair’s natural moisture.  He considers lifestyle, hair texture, and face shape as the parameters for what will make someone their most beautiful.

Of paramount importance for Ishi is to emphasize the most important beauty secret: ”enabling a person to feel good about themselves.”

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A New Chapter for Celebrity Haircolorist Brad Johns

After 45 years of doing hair color and making women look and feel beautiful, Brad Johns is moving on to the next phase of his life and career. His final day at Riccardo Maggiore Salon Midtown on 57th Street will be July 27th.

brad johns.jpg

“I’m proud to end this chapter of my career at Riccardo Maggiore Salon. Both the owner Riccardo and his wife Eileen are such kind and creative people who allow artists to flourish,” says Brad.

Formerly the Color Director of the Oribe Salon and voted Best Colorist by Allure Magazine, Brad is the founding father of the “Chunking Method” and is famous for his buttery, “child at the beach” blondes, coppery redheads and caramel brunettes. He is renowned for his attention to seasonal hair color detail and has a celebrity following of every shade and hue.

Brad is currently working on launching "Dye," the story of his journey through hair color, into a memoir, feature film, or television series.

He's also excited to explore the West in his Conestoga wagon.

Brad’s clients are in expert hands with Ivy, who has worked with Brad for 25 years. Chris Cusano, Mei and Ivy will carry on the work of the Brad Johns team at the Riccardo Maggiore Midtown salon.

To book with Ivy or another member of the Brad Johns team, call our Midtown salon 212-586-6482 or request an appointment online today.



Client Profile: Katherine and Kimberly Corp of Pilates on Fifth

Today is National Get To Know Your Customers Day and we’re profiling longtime clients, twins, Katherine and Kimberly Corp.

Katherine and Kimberly Corp

Katherine and Kimberly Corp

The twins began their Pilates journey while touring and working as professional dancers. They continued Pilates while performing as Radio City Rockettes (in nearly 250 performances) and finishing Masters Degrees from Columbia University. In 2000, they opened Pilates on Fifth in Manhattan creating a warm, welcoming and compassionate atmosphere in which they could deliver great Pilates workouts.

Katherine and Kimberly with owner Riccardo Maggiore

Katherine and Kimberly with owner Riccardo Maggiore

In November 2018 their book, Pilates for Beginners launched as a best-seller on Amazon.


Stylist Tom Dellacorte at Midtown has given these natural redheads fabulous haircuts and styles since 2001. He’s also one of their Pilates clients!

Stylist Tom Dellacorte with twins Katherine and Kimberly Corp.

Stylist Tom Dellacorte with twins Katherine and Kimberly Corp.



Best Summer Products

As we move into beach and barbecue season, it’s a good time to take a look at your haircare products. Here are a some brand new and tried-and-true we think you’ll love.


Blonde Hair: Kérastase’s Blond Absolu Bain Ultra-Violet Purple Shampoo

Kérastase’s new Blond Absolu collection is a gift to Blondes everywhere.

Celebrity colorist and Blonde hair expert Brad Johns at Midtown recommends the Ultra-Violet Purple Shampoo because it deposits purple into the hair before the sun makes it brassy.  It will help maintain a cool blonde shade and give a gorgeous, healthy shine.

Other benefits:

  • Hyaluronic Acid-fills & strengthens fiber damage from within and resurfaces cuticle for uniform porosity

  • Edelweiss Flower-anti-oxidative power against daily damage and softens and calms sensitized fiber

  • Ultra-Violet Neutralizers-durably neutralizes brassy and yellow tones and tailor results through product pairing

Also try: Oribe’s Bright Blonde Shampoo for Beautiful Color


Curly Hair: Curl Gelée for Shine & Definition by Oribe

Another new group of products we’re loving are the new additions to Oribe’s Moisture and Control collection, made for those with naturally curly hair.   These products add moisture to the hair and also devolumize, allowing you to control your curl.

Flatiron Master Stylist Gregg Tusler gives us some advice on how to use the Curl Gelée for Shine & Definition. Wash and condition hair as normal. Blot excess water and shake the curl loose or use a wide toothed comb. Put a small amount of product in each hand and apply to the exterior in a scrunching motion. Work remainder from root to end.


Place and let dry completely before touching. When dry, gently lift hair away from scalp at the roots without running fingers through the hair. This will open up silhouette of the haircut without breaking up the cuticle.

Gregg adds this Pro tip: Get a small travel spray bottle and fill with ¾ water ¼ styling product. Throughout the day, mist to reactivate curl and give your hair softness and movement.

Also try:  Discipline Curl Idéal Mousse from Kérastase


Sun protection:  Riccardo Maggiore’s Rinnova


We’ve mentioned the importance of using a leave-in product with sunscreen in past blogs but it’s worth repeating.  Owner Riccardo Maggiore formulated his leave-in texturizer, Rinnova with vitamins, botanicals and proteins to protect hair from the sun’s UV rays.  Rinnova means restore or renew and will leave hair “soft, tangle-free, and ready for styling, while protecting hair from breakage and promoting a healthy radiance.”


Also try:  Supershine Light Moisturizing Cream


Beach Waves  Kérastase Eau de Vagues Beach Wave Spray


An Elle 2019 International Beauty Award winner, this silicone-free beach wave spray for all hair types creates soft wavy textures and illuminates a healthy glow. Apply on damp hair and either airdry or blowdry to achieve the desired look.


Also try: Oribe’s Run-Through Detangling Primer


These products and many others can be found at both our Midtown 212-586-6482 and Flatiron 212-448-0600 locations. As always, we’re here to help create beauty for your lifestyle!



Your Best Vacation Hair

@shaunieandthecity   Haircut by Riccardo Maggiore


Haircut by Riccardo Maggiore

Spring is almost here and if your plans include a vacation or getaway, here are a few tips for styling and keeping your hair healthy.

Travel size - When you’re going away, don’t rely on the hair care products hotels give you for free. If you have color treated hair, be sure to pack your color shampoo and conditioner in travel bottles or buy travel sizes. From Oribe to Kerastase to Riccardo Maggiore’s signature line, we have TSA approved travel sizes of all your essentials.  And speaking of essentials, travel and lifestyle blogger Dana Berez recommends dry shampoo: “Dry Shampoo can work wonders, and let you keep a style for longer than a day. I even put dry shampoo in my roots on day one to add some texture.”


Protect Proactively. Get a salon treatment before you go. Besides adding shine and restoring moisture, a deep conditioning treatment will help to strengthen your hair and seal your cuticles for protection from the elements. One of our favorites is the Milbon treatment because it includes a booster pack of 4 take-home treatments you can throw in your travel bag.

Screen Shot 2019-03-15 at 9.48.40 PM.png

If you aren’t able to get a salon treatment, use a leave-in conditioner which will act as a barrier from saltwater and chlorine. Riccardo Maggiore’s Rinnova Hair Texturizer is a fabulous leave-in with sunscreens to protect from UVA/UVB damage.

Be sure to wet your hair with clean water before you go in the pool. There’s actually a scientific reason for this. Your hair will absorb the water, so is much better for it to absorb tap water than chlorinated water which can damage your hair.

Let your hair have a vacation too If you regularly heat style your hair, a vacation is a great time to give it a rest. Change it up and explore the natural texture of your hair or create texture with heatless styling. Dana Berez says, “I like to wash my hair at night and tie it up in two buns or a french braid and let it dry overnight. In the morning I have curls without any heat styling or time.” Berez also loves to add hair accessories: “Whenever I am in a bind and my hair is not cooperating, I like to put it in a high pony, and wrap a hair scarf around it. “

Whatever your plans, we hope you’re able to relax and enjoy them. Before you go or after you return, we’re here to help create beauty for your lifestyle.

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Find more travel and lifestyle tips from Dana Berez at



Love Your Hair This Valentine's Day

Hair and makeup by Riccardo Maggiore Salons

Hair and makeup by Riccardo Maggiore Salons

Today is Valentines’ Day and it’s a good time to remember to show your hair some love.

ASSESS - Take a moment to think about how your hair and styling routine fits with your lifestyle. Is your color bringing out the best in your complexion? Does your cut complement your face shape? Are you using the right styling products and tools? We offer complimentary consultations where our expert assess all this and more.

TREAT - If your hair is chemically processed or heat styled, regular salon conditioning treatments are essential. But treatments can also strengthen hair, restore elasticity and shine, and help detangle and prevent split ends, making them an important part of any hair care routine. We offer a range of hair and scalp treatments including Kérastase, Milbon and Olaplex and will customize treatments based on your individual needs.

MAINTAIN - Make your hair a priority.  Schedule cuts every 4-6 weeks even if you’re growing out your hair. Trimming your ends will prevent damage from traveling up the hair shaft.  If your hair is color treated, be sure to use a shampoo that will protect the integrity of the color. Ask your stylists about the best products to use between salon visits.

Your hair is a lifelong relationship, so nurture it well.

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Hannah Carlson at Riccardo Maggiore

Hannah Carlson, Entrepreneur and Founder of Fifthbull Creative Production Agency recently visited our Midtown salon and captured her appointment on video. Her hair was cut by owner Riccardo Maggiore with styling help from Mario and makeup by Jay. Ms. Carlson enjoyed the “amazing experience” created by the Riccardo Maggiore team and called Riccardo “The most creative hairstylist I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with!”

So how did Riccardo Maggiore achieve Hannah’s look? “Hannah’s hair was very long so I first cut it to a length that was better suited to her face,” Maggiore explained.  “Then I added layers to her hair to better emphasize the look of soft wavy curls.”

Riccardo used Kérastase L'incroyable Blowdry Hair Lotion after towel drying Hannah’s hair. After blow drying with a round brush, he set the hair with rollers. Once the hair was out of rollers, Riccardo worked a non-sticky styling paste through the hair to give it extra density.

Now all Hannah’s hair was missing was that extra shine. Riccardo used Luminoso Drops from his signature product line to smooth and seal the cuticles and add a beautiful luster. Riccardo recommends this product for all hair types, “especially those wishing to restore softness and shine to dull and lifeless hair.”

Finally, Riccardo used with a finishing spray to give hold without stiffness.

And the results? Simply gorgeous. But of course, Ms. Carlson reminds us that “Great hair doesn’t happen by chance. It happens by appointment.”

Call to book at Midtown 212-586-6482 or Flatiron 212-448-0600 or request an appointment online today.

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Holiday Beauty 2018

The holiday season is in full swing and our to-do lists are growing by the minute. Shopping, cooking, decorating, and of course, holiday parties.  Don’t let party season bring you stress - come into Riccardo Maggiore Salons and let us do the work. Sit back, relax and before you know it you’ll walk out with party-perfect hair, skin and nails.

Whether you’re going for an elegant twisted updo, glamorous waves or anything in between, our expert stylists have you covered.

Hair by Riccardo Maggiore

Hair by Riccardo Maggiore

While you’re at it, give your nails a little sparkle or shine. Our nail experts are here whether you want a classic manicure or more of a festive holiday look.

Nails by Nicole at Midtown

Nails by Nicole at Midtown

We’ve also got makeup artists to work with your skin’s complexion and enhance your natural beauty.   Also consider a brow shaping. A well-sculpted arch can really open up your eyes, framing them beautifully for those holiday photos.

Makeup by Jay at Midtown

Makeup by Jay at Midtown

May this holiday season bring you nothing but cheer, relaxation, and beauty for your lifestyle. Call to book your appointment at Midtown 212-586-6482 or Flatiron 212-448-0600 or request an appointment online to get holiday ready at Riccardo Maggiore Salons.