Corrective Color

Our hair color correction services are unsurpassed in New York City.  We offer a professional consultation during which we discuss with you your concerns, likes, and dislikes.  We consider your skin tone, natural hair color, condition and texture of your hair, and your lifestyle, then give you our recommendations on how to get the color results you want.  We also explain how to improve the condition of your hair.  After all healthy hair makes your color look more beautiful. Whether you have been coloring your hair for years or it's your first time with color we will create the color that suits you best.

Has your Brunette hair become mousy?  Has your red hair become dull?  Has your blonde hair become ashy?    There is not one solution to any of these problems.  We will discuss your options with you, and help you achieve the beautiful, vibrant, and youthful color you desire.

Are you tired of  your current hair color?  Want to try something new?  Or do you just want to go back to your natural color?  We are experts in the latest color techniques that will give you the fabulous color you want.  Our talented team will offer you the best color services in New York.  Our oasis of beauty in the heart of Manhattan has floor to ceiling windows which flow from one end of the salon to the other and give us loads of natural light to ensure the best color possible.


If you want healthy, vibrant, beautiful hair color call (212) 586-6482 (Midtown) or 212.448.0600 (Flatiron) to schedule an appointment with one of our talented hair experts today.